DF#14: 30.01.14, International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester

We will present a concert featuring the following works, as well as our first electroacoustic commissions:


Steve Potter(US/UK) A name without a place, for clarinet, viola and piano (DF Commission / World premiere)

Julia Hanadi Al Abed (FR) Whining Vehicule, electroacoustic work (DF Commission / Premiere)

Mauricio Pauly (CR/UK), vs el monopolio de la memoria, for violin, tenor sax and piano (UK premiere)


Lee Fraser (UK) Sthenos, electroacoustic work (DF Commission / Premiere)

Daniel Vezza (US/DE) New work for full ensemble (DF Commission / World premiere)

John Croft  (UK) Trio for bass flute, viola and cello (DF Commission / World premiere)


Diana Salazar's new electroacoustic work has been rescheduled for a future event.