Global Adapter

Ensembles - Adapter, Dal Niente and Distractfold

One network, two concerts, and five ensembles from three continents: On two summer evenings at Radialsystem, the two-part project “Global Adapter” brings together five internationally pioneering ensembles for contemporary music. In July the Berlin (host) formation Adapter welcomes the ensembles Dal Niente from Chicago and Distractfold from Manchester. The International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) and the Ensemble Offspring are bringing reinforcements from New York and Sydney for the opening of the Month of Contemporary Music in September.

Compositions by Hanna Hartmann, Sam Salem, George Lewis, Victoria Cheah, Jenna Lyle, Lee Fraser, Alexander Schubert, Simon Loffler and others

Ensemble Adapter

  • Flute: Kristjana Helgadóttir

  • Clarinet: Ingólfur Vihjálmsson

  • Harp: Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir

  • Percussion: Matthias Engler

Dal Niente (US)

  • Flute: Constance Volk

  • Oboe: Andrew Nogal

  • Clarinet: Alejandro Acierto

  • Horn: Matthew Oliphant

  • Harp: Ben Melsky

Distractfold Ensemble (UK)

  • Clarinet: Rocío Bolanos

  • Electric Guitar: Daniel Brew

  • Violin: Linda Jankowska

  • Viola: Emma Richards

  • Violoncello: Alice Purton