* Distractfold commissions

George Lewis (US)

Connectome*, 2019
For Distractfold + Adapter + Dal Niente
Berlin premiere

Jenna Lyle (US)

Everything Touches Everything Else*, 2019
For Distractfold + Adapter + Dal Niente
Berlin premiere

Alexander Schubert (Germany)

Star Me Kitten, 2015

Julia Hanadi Al Abed (France)

Whining Vehicule*, 2014
electroacoustic work

Pedro Alvarez (Chile/UK)

Últimos, 2014
for string trio

Georges Aperghis (Greece/France)

for violin and viola

Tytti Arola (FI)

Metsä, 2016
for violin and tape

Richard Barrett (UK)

The vale
flute solo

Adam Basanta (CA)

Three Myths of Liberalism
electroacoustic work
UK premiere

David Berezan (UK/CA)

electroacoustic work

Martin Bédard (CA)

Champs de fouilles
electroacoustic work

Pierluigi Billone (IT)

Mani. Giacometti, 2000
for string trio

Daniel Blinkhorn (AU)

frostbYte wildflower*
electroacoustic work

Pablo Santiago Chin (Costra Rica/US)

for solo cello

Christian Winther Christensen (Denmark)

"glich aber nicht freunde"
for string trio

Nachtmusik, 2011-12
for alto flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano

Ann Cleare

Ore, 2016
for one high reed wind instrument (clarinet/oboe/saxophone) and string trio

Anna Clyne (US/UK)

for amplified clarinet and tape

Sivan Cohen-Elias (US/IL)

Hack, 2014-16
or two solo guitars

Murat Çolak (US/TR)

A song sung together, 2015
for violin, cello, tenor sax and flute

Rodrigo Constanzo (US/UK)

Weak without you, 2012 *
for three female performers

for amplified flute, snare and electronics

John Croft (UK)

mit schwarzem Glanz, 2010, rev. 2013
for viola and electronics

Trio*, 2014
for bass flute, viola and cello

Peisinoe, 2017
for viola

Steve Davismoon (UK)

Branches against a white sky & Mist
for piccolo flute

Aidan Deery (IE)

electroacoustic work

Santiago Díez-Fischer (Argentina/France)

No clarinet input II, 2012
for clarinet and tape

Far-off, 2011 *
for violin, viola and cello

Milica Djordjević (Serbia/Germany)

Fail, 2011
for cello and electronics

Ray Evanoff (US)

A series of postures
for solo piano

Diagrams Of Drawings Not Meant To Correspond
for solo piano

Fabrice Fitch (UK)

Agricola IX*
for flute and string trio

Agricola IXe, 2016
for bass clarinet and string trio

Georges Forget (France/Canada)

Urban Adagio
electroacoustic work
UK premiere

Lee Fraser (UK)

Narrows, 2009
electroacoustic work

Stheno*, 2014
electroacoustic work

Pline Expol A*, 2016
electroacoustic work

Reliq Ens*, 2016-17
spatially diffused electroacoustic work

Charles-Antoine Fréchette (CA)

Toposition(s)#2, 2013
for cello, harp and electronics

Fernando Garnero (Argentina/France)

Limae Labor
for electric guitar and string trio

Stefano Gervasoni (Italy)

for alto flute, clarinet, violin, viola and cello

Vitalija Glovackyte (Lithuania)

Relief méta-mécanique sonore *, 2013
for ensemble

Gerard Grisey (France)

for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann (Peru/US)

Latitudes, 2014
for string trio and clarinet

Gilles Gobeil (Canada)

Les lointains noirs et rouges, 2008-9
diffused audio

Helena Gough (UK)

Silt, 2007
spatially diffused electroacoustic work

Andrew Greenwald

A Thing Made Whole, 2017
for string trio, clarinet and electric guitar

Christine Groult (France)

Sourire de l’ange, 2006
electroacoustic work

Sofia Gubaidulina (Russia)

Rejoice!,1982, rev. 1988
for violin and cello

Alexis Guneratne (LUX / US)

Contours I
electroacoustic work

Contours II
electroacoustic work

figure point horizon*, 2016
for violin, viola, cello, bass clarinet and tape

Hanna Hartman (Sweden/Germany)

Borderlines, 2009
for amplified objects, violin and tape

Circling Blue, 2010
electroacoustic work

Dust Devil*, 2017
for performative installation, tape and operators

Jonathan Harvey (UK)

for flute and string trio

Hans-Joachim Hespos

Zeitschnitte, 1970
for string trio

Joseph Hyde (UK)

End transmission, 2009
video work

Vanishing Point
video work

Clara Ianotta (Italy)

Ill colore dell ombra
for violin, cello and piano

Martin Iddon (UK) 

Eleionomae*, 2013
for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello and piano

string trio

Ben Isaacs (UK)

Too expanding
for piano and CD track

Places on a Curve*, 2014
for string trio and percussion

Daan Janssens (Belgium)

(…sans titre.) – (face à moi) II
for solo violin

Esaias Järnegard (Sweden)

NOEIN.noaidi *
for solo viola

Elsa Justel (AR)

GWERZ, 2002
an 8-channel electroacoustic work

Dominik Karski (Poland/Australia)

for flute

Felipe Lara (Brazil/US)

for clarinet and violin
UK premiere

Giulia Lorusso

Floating Flows Flooding, 2017
for bass clarinet, viola, cello and electronics

Liza Lim (AUS / UK)

Invisibility, 2009
for solo cello

 Amulet, 1992
for solo viola

Inguz (fertility), 1996
for cello and clarinet

Michelle Lou (US)

Crocodiles 1a*, 2014
for contrabass flute, clarinet, sax, electric guitar, electric bass, piano, violin, viola and cello

Crocodiles 1b*, 2015
for electric guitar, electric bass, violin, viola and cello

United three-part construction, 2014
for cello and 2 percussionists

Ana Dall'Ara-Majek (France/Canada)

Diaphonous Acarina*
electroacoustic work

Akheta's Blues
electroacoustic work
UK premiere

Bacillus Chorus*, 2016
electroacoustic work

Barblina Meierhans

May I ask you something?2017
for bass clarinet, e-guitar, percussion, violin, viola, cello and electronics

Hugo Morales Murguía (Mexico)

for one musician and loudspeaker cone

Olga Neuwirth (Austria)

Spleen I
for solo bass clarinet

Pauline Oliveros


Yoshiaki Onishi

Parti..., 2012-14, rev. 2015
for violin

Envoi II, 2016
for string trio

Hector Parra (Spain/France)

Ona, 2006
for flute and viola

Abel Paúl (Spain)

Linea de vacio
for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello

Tierra y centro de la tierra, 2017-18
for clarinet (Bb), violin, violin, cello and midi keyboard

Mauricio Pauly (Costa Rica/UK)

Sky Destroys Dog, 2014
for electric guitar

Apartamento Polsen Apartamento Peterson
for bass clarinet, cello and piano

Charred Edifice Shining*, 2016
for amplified string trio and performative electronics

Great concavity great convexity, 2012, rev. 2013
for clarinet, violin, cello and percussion

Clinamen clinamen clinamen, 2009
for clarinet and string quartet

To what depths of dark pigment, 2010
for cello, diffused audio, and video

Its fleece electrostatic, 2012, rev. 2013
for violin and guitar pedals

Another celibate machine
for amplified ensemble and live electronics

vs el monopolio de la memoria
for violin, tenor sax and piano

Robert Phillips (US)

Shindō no su, 2012
for flute, bass clarinet, glockenspiel, keyboard + laptop, violin, viola, and cello

Sam Pluta (US)

Switches, 2007
for amplified viola and drum set

David Pocknee (UK)

Augenmusik IV: Paperwork, 2014
for flute, clarinet, piano and cello

Marek Poliks (US)

hull not continent, 2013
for violin, percussion, electric guitar, flute, bass clarinet and electronics

Constantin Popp (Germany)

forward // backward*, 2015
electroacoustic work

Untitled 54, 2012 *
flute, clarinet, violin, bass guitar and electronics

electroacoustic work

Steven Potter (US/UK) 

A name without a place*, 2014
for clarinet, viola and piano

Stefan Prins (Belgium) 

Ensuite, 2008, rev. 2013
for cello solo

Sam Salem (UK)

Dérive, 2013
electroacoustic work

Himlin Var
electroacoustic work

not one can pass away, 2015
for 2 object operators, tape and video

Too late, too far
electroacoustic work

The Sun Warms the Memory
electroacoustic work

To what depths of dark pigment
for cello, diffused audio, and video

Himlen Var, 2015
for loudspeakers

Untitled Valley of Fear*, 2016
for 3 object operators, tape and video

The great Inundation*, 2017
for cello. 3 object operators, tape and video

Andrea Sarto (Italy/France)

Come frecce nella tua mano
for viola and electronics

James Saunders (UK)

we gradually have more things to do and fewer things to say, 2015

in which one thing depends on another, 2016

all voices are heard, 2015

Rebecca Saunders (UK/Germany)

Vermillion, 2003
for clarinet, electric guitar and cell 

Caerulean, 2011
for bass clarinet

Giacinto Scelsi (Italy)

Ko-Lho, 1966
flute and clarinet

Sabrina Schroeder (Canada)

Stircrazer II
for bass clarinet and live mechanics

Bone Games*, 2016
for ensemble with integrated electronics

Salvatore Sciarrino (Italy)

Tre notturni brillanti, 1975
for solo viola

Charlie Sdraulig (AUS)

binary*, 2014
for flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, viola and cello

Semiconductor (UK)

Brilliant Noise
an audiovisual work by Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt

Denis Smalley (UK/NZ)

Empty Vessels, 1997
spatially diffused electroacoustic work

Bergrún Snæbjörnsdóttir (IS) 

The cancerous cell, 2015
for two performers and electronics

Johan Svensson (SE)

ampèrian loops, 2015
for piccolo/bass flute, bass clarinet, percussion, violin, cello, keyboard and electronics [solenoids, transducers and vibrators]

Steve Kazuo Takasugi (US)

The Man Who Couldn't Stop Laughing, 2014
music theatre for octet (double quartet) electronic amplification and playback (subwoofer obbligato) 

Letters From Prison
electroacoustic work

Dominic Thibault (CA)

electroacoustic work

désert, 2014
for string trio and tape

Øyvind Torvund (NO)

Neon Forest Space, 2009
for electric guitar, clarinet, percussion and tape

Hans Tutschku (Germany/US)

Rojo, 2004
8-channel electroacoustic composition

Juan Pablo Vergara Valdes (Chile/UK)

OHNE, 2014
for small ensemble

Michael Pisaro (US)

Concentric Rings in Magnetic Levitation, 2010-11
for piano, percussion, and electronics

José María Sánchez-Verdú (Spain/Germany)

Qasid 3
for clarinet, viola and piano

Daniel Vezza (US/Germany)

New work *, 2014
for ensemble

Nina Whiteman (UK)

Waggle Dances
for viola and cello

John Young (NZ)

Five Versions of Reality
electroacoustic work

Apparitions, 2016
electroacoustic work

Katherine Young (US)

bow breath crow,  2017
for amplified string trio and spatialized electronics,

Iannis Xenakis (Greece/France)

Mikka S, 1976
 for solo violin 

Embellie, 1981
for solo viola

Charisma, 1971
for cello and clarinet