Day 1: 10 March

door  7pm
music 7:30 pm

UK Premiere: Steven Kazuo Takasugi (US) The man who couldn’t stop laughing, music theatre for amplified quartet and playback, 2012-14

Denis Smalley (UK / NZ) Empty Vessels, spatially diffused electroacoustic work, 1997

Fabrice Fitch (UK / FR) Agricola IXe, for bass clarinet and string trio, 2016

World Premiere: Katie Young (US) bow breath crow for amplified string trio and spatialized electronics, 2017

Helena Gough (UK) Silt, spatially diffused electroacoustic work, 2007

Mauricio Pauly (UK / CR) Charred Edifice Shining, for amplified string trio with performative electronics, 2016

All performances will be recorded by BBC Radio 3 for broadcast on Hear and Now