Distractfold @ Spectrum, NYC/ 05.04.2016


Distractfold will present the following programme at Spectrum, 121 Ludlow, NY 10002, on Tuesday April 5th: 

Steve Takasugi (US), Letters from prison, electroacoustic work

Mauricio Pauly (Costa Rica/UK), Sky Destroys Dog, for electric guitar

Ana Dall’ara Majek (France/Canada), Diaphonous Acarina, electroacoustic work

Sam Salem (UK), not one can pass away, for two objects operators, tape and video

Pierluigi Billone (Italy), Mani.Giacometti, for violin, viola and cello

Sabrina Schroeder (Canada), Stircrazer II, for solo bass clarinet + live mechanics

Esaias Järnegard (Sweden), NOEIN.noaidi, for solo viola**

Rebecca Saunders (UK/Germany), Vermillion, for electric guitar, bass clarinet and cello

** world premiere