Distractfold @ Le Bruit de la Musique, Creuse: 22nd - 24th August 2014


Distractfold will be performing the following programmes: 


Friday August 22: 20h30

Martin Iddon (UK) - Danaë, for string trio

John Croft (UK) -Trio, bass flute, viola and cello    

Sofia Gubaidulina (Russia) - Rejoice, III. Rejoice Ravvi, for violin and cello

Fabrice Fitch (UK) - Agricola IX, flute and string trio

Santiago Díez-Fischer (Argentina) - Far-off, for string trio


Saturday 23 August: 17h30

Richard Craig amplified flute set (from his release Amp/AI)

Mauricio Pauly (Costa Rica) - Its fleece electrostatic, violin and guitar pedals

Richard Craig/Rodrigo Constanzo, set for amplified flute, snare and electronics

Rodrigo Constanzo - solo set

Mauricio Pauly (Costa Rica) - Otra máquina célibe, for amplified ensemble (bass flute, violin, cello, percussion, guitar) and live electronics


Sunday 24 August: 16h30

Iannis Xennakis (FR/Greece), Mikka "S", violin solo

Stephan Prins (BE), Ensuite, cello solo

Iannis Xennakis (FR/Greece), Embellie, viola solo

Richard Barrett (UK) - The vale, flute solo

Hugo Morales - Bocina, for loudspeaker and sine wave


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