Distractfold @ Klang Festival, Copenhagen/ 14.06.2016

Distractfold will present the following programme as a part of  Klang Festival at the Republique Theatre, Østerfælled Torv 34, 2100 København Ø, on Tuesday June 14 at 8 pm: 

Steve Takasugi (USA)
Letters from prison

Nicolai Worsaae (DK)
New piece, for clarinet, melodica, guitar and violin

Mauricio Pauly (CR/UK)
Sky Destroys Dog

Else Marie Pade (DK)
4 Illustrations: Himmelrummet (The Firmament)

Ana Dall’Ara Majek (CAN)
Diaphonous Acarina

Sam Salem (UK)
Not one can pass away

Marek Poliks (USA)
Hull Not Continent


We are thankful for the support of University of Huddersfield in preparing for this concert.